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Change your life and start living the dream underwater. During these pro programs, you will also get the chance to build lifelong friendships as you overcome obstacles and gain experience with peers who become your buddies. We guarantee you will leave these courses feeling confident, comfortable and in control.

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About Us

Who are we?

Pro Dive Vibes is the primary training center for all professional divers on Curaçao, Aruba and in Tulum. Pro Dive Vibes upholds the highest PADI standards of teaching practices while providing fun and personalized Divemaster (DM), Instructor Development Course (IDC), Master Scuba Diver Trainer & Staff Instructor packages. All programs offered are deeply integrated with PADI AWARE experiences, allowing for insightful adventures into how to protect and contribute to our delicate working environment while becoming leaders of the diving industry. Pro Dive Vibes Crew is devoted solely and specifically to insuring the maximum potential educational growth to each single pro candidate and in a relaxed atmosphere.

Why Choose Us?

Train with 2 Course Directors
Learn how to work as a professional diver
Live the PADI Instructor Dream
Create lifelong friendships!
Unlimited Fun Diving
Customize your personal training program
Optional accommodation available for all courses!
Multilingual Team!

Explore Curaçao or Tulum, Mexico

About Curaçao

Curaçao is a small piece of heaven situated in the southern Caribbean, directly in the middle of the ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao). Together with Bonaire, it is considered the shorediving capital of the world with world-class reefs off of nearly every single one of our 100+ beaches. In addition to our stellar dive sites, Curaçao has an intriguing culture beaming with delicious foods, immense history, multiple languages, and colorful European-style architecture. The biodiversity of the island’s flora and fauna is unlike any other!

Visitors love to come to our “dushi” (meaning sweet) island time and time again as it offers the perfect balance of relaxation, exploration and excitement all while honoring a blend of culture and community.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is one of the most prized jewels of the Mexican Caribbean, perhaps on account of its 10 kilometers (6 mi) of white-sand beaches and turquoise waters. It was, after all, deemed worthy of the “Pueblo Mágico” (Magical Town) designation. Tulum offers among the best diving experiences in the world, located on the Mesoamerican Reef, second only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, it provides a wealth of opportunities to explore stunning aquatic life, including rare corals and species you can’t find anywhere else on Earth.


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Pro Dive Vibes Benefits

As a student at Pro Dive Vibes, you will be entitled to a number of “benefits” throughout our program. We have optional accommodation available, massive pro discounts on all dive gear, and we assist with job placement both locally on Curaçao & Mexico as well as globally. You will also receive the chance to learn various extracurricular diving activities such as: Underwater Media, Tec Diving and Adaptive Specialty Teaching Techniques. You may utilize these learning opportunities to expand your skillset as a professional diver to both intrigue your curiosities as well as become a more valuable asset for future employment.

Meet The Crew

Victoria Cole

PADI Course Director #259464

My name is Vicki and I started diving at the age of 10 in Antigua, in 2008 I decided to become a PADI professional and fell in love with sharing my knowledge and passion for the underwater world with all of my students. I encourage creativity and imaginative points of view. During my Pro courses, my candidates quickly gain the confidence to analyze situations and take a flexible approach to problem-solving. There is no one PADI way to do things, objectives can be achieved in many different ways. I want my candidates to teach with the same open-minded, flexible approach that I have. The key to an enjoyable pro course is discussion and plenty of it. Creating a relaxed informal atmosphere making learning fun. You won’t come out of my courses having been taught how to do things my way, you will come out with the skills you need to teach well, YOUR way
Ivana Inglesina

PADI Course Director #356300

My name is Ivana and I am an extremely passionate and dedicated PADI Course Director. I began my career as a professional diver in 2015 with a background of an international primary school teacher and sales marketing manager for a multinational company. I immediately fell in love with the PADI principles of teaching and continuous education selling. I have been working toward my dream of becoming a Course Director ever since my perception of diving and the PADI system became prevalent in my life. My true passion is to share the love of our oceans and the importance to protect them and the planet, all while maintaining the highest level of safety and fun. I pride myself on always remaining up-to-date with the latest PADI standards and teaching my students with the principles which I like to call the Three C’s: Confidence, Control, Comfort. Sharing my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues and student divers is a pleasure-come-true, and I cannot wait for the opportunity to further my level of teaching toward creating new PADI Instructors and beyond.

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What Customers Says?

Was the best experience and the best training ever, Victoria was so knowledgeable, and we had so much fun during the IDC. Thanks to her I became an instructor and now I’m living the dream!

François Divemaster & PADI IDC & MSDT Candidate 2021

Undoubtedly an incredible and enriching experience, especially because of the challenge that one must set to achieve it, Thank you to everyone in the team for your patience, support, and excellent attitude.

Alejandro Orozco Divemaster & IDC Candidate 2021

Amazing dive center, great atmophere, amazing instructors. Did my advanced, rescue, divemaster, and even the instructor development course here! Passed the instructor exam easy because of the great dedication and passion of the lovely course directors Ivana Inglesina and Victoria Cole. Now i am LIVING THE DREAM IN SUNNY CURACAO.

Tim Ruiters Advanced, Rescue, Divemaster, IDC & MSDT Candidate 2021

Special thanks to Ivana and Vicki... THE MOST AWESOME course directors and instructors i have ever met! The passion and knowledge they have for diving is amazing and an example for this industry!!

Nick van Diesen, IDC & MSDT Candidate 2021

Such a big thank you to Ivana for being a great leader, mentor and ofcourse a awesome friend through out my 5 week Divemaster program

Greg Wornall, Divemaster Candidate 2021

Most important to me was the never ending support of my Instructor Ivana, who was the best mentor I could've dreamed of. Every time when I struggled or doubted myself, she gave me the confidence I needed and made me believe I could become the best Divemaster I could be!

Marloes, Divemaster Candidate 2021