Pro Package Options

The leap from a recreational diver toward a professional diver is one of great change for most, and these individuals understand the importance of choosing the most professional, comprehensive, environmentally aware, personalized and versatile program available. Our objective functions to encompass all these attributes in order to target these divers as Dive Master trainees and beyond. Pro Dive Vibes provides a variety of extra-curricular training activities outside of the standard PADI DM, IDC, MSDT or Staff programs.

These optional training sessions include, but are not limited to: management, business development, marketing, sales, social media, underwater media, and job placement at the DM, IDC and higher levels. We have the ability to support and teach in seven different languages (English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, French and Papiamento).

All of these features add significant value to the overall benefit of choosing Pro Dive Vibes in sunny Curaçao above any other competitive dive center and/or program.